Over time, despite regular cleaning a layer of dirt develops over floors. It is usually dirt mixed in water, which dries on the floor. To remove all dirt and grime from your floors, Cleanfine offers a floor scrubbing service. This service uses a single disc machine with appropriate abrasive pad, water and PH neutral cleaner to scrub off dirt from the floor. This service is available for mosaic, marble, tiles, granite and wooden flooring.


At Cleanfine, we offer diamond polish for marble floors. This service is available for newly laid marble and for old floors.
Newly laid marble often has lippage and slight scratches that develop at the time of laying the marble at a construction site. Our marble polishing service will ensure smooth floors, remove all scratches, match the grouting and ensure even shine.
Old marble over time develops cracks and chips, the colour of the grouting changes, scratches appear on the floor and the marble loses its original shine. In such situations, Cleanfine provides quality marble restoration service.
Benefits of using our service:

  • Zero lippage
  • Repair cracks and chips
  • Remove scratches on the outer surface of the marble.
  • Restore original shine of floor
  • Match grouting with colour of the stone
  • Use best in class marble grinding machines from Italy
  • Trained manpower that understand the nuances of working with marble
  • Hand over your premises as you give it to us taking care not to spill slurry and to clean up behind us.

We also provide maintenance packages for polished floors and offer options for sealing the floor once polished.

Super Shine for Marble

For old marble floors that do not have cracks and chips, we offer a service called ‘super-shine’.
Super Shine is a five-step process, which uses diamond impregnated pads to remove top level scratches from marble and restore shine to dull floors. This service does not repair cracks and chips, change grouting or correct any lippage in the floor.
This service can be used as a maintenance package for polished marble floors.

Book This Cleaning Service

Floor Scrubbing: Rs. 4 per sq. ft.*

Supershine for Marble: Rs. 18 per sq. ft.*

Diamond Polish for Marble : Rs. 35 per sq. ft.*

* starting price

Process of Diamond Polish


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